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2020 Volunteer of the Year Nominations

Do you know someone willing to go the extra mile?

Do you know someone that has contributed their time, skills and passion?

Do you know an individual(s) whose extraordinary efforts and activities have made a marked difference to the quality of life in Wrentham?

Please take the time to fill out a nomination form with the person’s name, age group, and a brief description of why you are nominating him or her. You may nominate anonymously.

Requirements:  Residents may nominate any Wrentham resident, either category

Categories:  Young Adult age 18 and under -“Henry Carr Wrentham Youth Volunteer of the Year” OR  Adult age 19 and over

Nominations can be submitted to the Board of Selectmen’s office at Town Hall, 79 South Street, Wrentham until noon on October 30, 2020 at which time a small committee will evaluate the nominations and make their selection for each category.

Awards will be presented at the November 16, 2020 Fall Town Meeting.

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