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Notice of Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Pearl

The Wrentham Board of Health was notified on Tuesday, October 3rd of a possible cyanobacteria bloom on Lake Pearl. The Town began an investigation and the Department of Public Health determined the presence of algae. The waterbody is unsafe for people and pets, do not swim in the water, do not swallow the water, keep animals away and rinse off after any contact with the water. In compliance with state Department of Public Health guidelines the Lake should be avoided until the algae bloom has disappeared for two weeks and water testing shows that levels of cyanobacteria are below the acceptable limits. For general questions about cyanobacteria, contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at 617-624-5757 or visit For specific questions about Lake Pearl, contact the Wrentham Board of Health at 508-384-5480.

Public Health Advisory - Please be advised that Lake Pearl is closed as of Oct 4th. It is unsafe for people and pets due to a harmful algae bloom.