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Proposed Charter Revisions

The Wrentham Town Charter was enacted and took effect on January 1, 2015. Under Section 7.3 of the Charter, at least once every ten years, in each year ending in a four, a special committee shall be established for the purpose of reviewing the charter and make a report with recommendations, to the Town Meeting concerning any proposed amendments.
Wrentham began the Charter Review for 2024 in April of 2023 when the Board of Selectmen appointed the Charter Review Committee. The Committee is made up of Jerry McGovern, Chair & Resident at Large; Kevin Sweet, Town Administrator; Michael King, Finance Director; James Anderson, Select board member; and Cindy Thompson, Town Clerk.
The Committee has met multiple times since being appointed, conducting a line-by-line review with a focus of three components, Processes & Procedures, Authorities & Responsibilities, and Structure & Organization. The Committee has held three public forums, the purpose of the forums was to present potential proposals for the Charter amendments and to gain public feedback.
The Committee is ready to present the proposed changes to the Charter. The current document has been drafted using track changes, which shows proposed additions and deletions. The effect of using track changes makes it a little difficult to entirely standardize some of the formatting. The proposed amended Charter can be found here, or at

Proposed Charter

Proposed Charter Amendments