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REMINDER: Resident Input Sought for Green Infrastructure Projects

WRENTHAM — Last September the Town of Wrentham learned it had received a $113,344 municipal climate resilience grant for the Climate Resilience and Low Impact Development Regulatory Integration and Town-wide Green Infrastructure Plan. The Town is now looking for input from residents as we move forward.

A “Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grant” webpage has been created to give residents more information on the grant and provide a place for those interested to ask questions and make recommendations. To view the website, click here

Once on the page, residents can view a map of areas in town that have been identified as potential locations for green infrastructure projects, such as ways to improve or prevent the pollution of stormwater runoff. To view the interactive map:

  • Visit the page’s Green Infrastructure Assessment subpage here
  • Scroll down to the “Wrentham Public Input” section and click on the icon to proceed as a guest
  • Click on “Good Candidates for Green Infrastructure” in the right pane. 
  • Click the green dots to view suggestions. Residents can “like” a suggestion or offer a comment.

This interactive map will help the town choose the best possible locations for these projects.