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Town of Wrentham Announces Temporary Closure of Sweatt Beach Following Discovery of Algae Bloom 

Swimming in Lake for All People, Dogs Is Prohibited During Closure

WRENTHAM — Town Administrator Kevin Sweet reports that Sweatt Beach is temporarily closed following the discovery of an algae bloom, and swimming in the lake is not allowed.

On Wednesday, July 14, the Town of Wrentham was notified by a resident of a potential algae bloom. The Town began an investigation and a lake water management company was notified and confirmed the presence of algae.

Based on the visual identification the beach was closed and advisory notices were posted around the lake’s public access points.

On Thursday an aquatic specialist completed a visual inspection and located a large algae bloom. They obtained a water sample, which was delivered to a testing lab.

On Monday, July 19, testing results were received and the test showed elevated levels of cyanobacteria. On Tuesday the aquatic specialist completed another visual inspection and confirmed the algae to still be present, and obtained another water sample.

Per state Department of Public Health guidelines the beach will remain closed and a “no swimming” advisory will be in place for anywhere in the lake until the algae bloom has disappeared for two weeks and water testing shows that levels of cyanobacteria are below the acceptable limits. The no-swim advisory is in place for people and dogs.

Boating on the lake is still permissible.

For more information on guidelines involving cyanobacteria in recreational freshwater bodies, click here.