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Town of Wrentham to Award Opioid Abatement Settlement Funds in Support of Opioid Awareness Initiatives

WRENTHAM — Town Administrator Kevin Sweet is pleased to announce that the Town of Wrentham will be awarding Massachusetts Opioid Abatement Settlement funds in support of opioid awareness initiatives.

To date, the Town of Wrentham has received $42,528 from the Massachusetts Opioid Abatement Settlement fund. These funds have been provided to the town through settlements with opioid manufacturers.

The funds allocated to the Town of Wrentham will be distributed in support of applicants’ prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery efforts.

Those wishing to be awarded funds from the Town of Wrentham must fill out Wrentham’s Opioid Settlement Funds request form. To access the form, click here.

Anyone may apply. All responses will be reviewed by the Opioid Advisory Group appointed by Town Administrator Sweet.

Wrentham’s Opioid Advisory Group is made up of volunteers who work in the community and provide education, recovery, and assistance. Members of the group include Wrentham’s public health nurses, public safety officials, educators and community members who have lost loved ones to opioid overdose. The group is led by Jennifer Knight-Levine, CEO and co-founder of SAFE Coalition located in Franklin, and David Gillmeister, co-founder of Gilly’s House, a non-profit sober house in Wrentham.

“The opioid settlement funds we’ve received from the state puts our town in a unique position that will allow us to allocate funds to those in support of opioid awareness initiatives — including education and support relating to prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery efforts,” Town Administrator Sweet said. “We encourage those interested to apply for grant awards from this fund to help us bring additional means of support to those in our community that may be living with an opioid addiction or who has lost a loved one to an opioid addiction.”