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National Small Business Week: Town of Wrentham Celebrates Cataldo’s Paint & Hardware

As part of National Small Business Week 2024, the Town of Wrentham is spotlighting a small business each day this week.

We asked business owners:

What do you like about your business being located in Wrentham?

“It’s small and the people are pleasant. We’ve been here 45 years and I like it the way it is. We bought it from people who started it in the 50s. So, it’s been here a while,” said Owner Marilyn Cataldo.

Why is it important to support small businesses such as yours?

“So we can keep going. You need the people to come in and support us. So as long as they keep coming we’ll stay here. Some people like small. They don’t like to go to the big stores. We try to help them. They usually come in and they’ve got a problem, so we try to help them,” she said.