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National Small Business Week: Town of Wrentham Celebrates UpTown Cards

As part of National Small Business Week 2024, the Town of Wrentham is spotlighting a small business each day this week.

We asked business owners:

What do you like about your business being located in Wrentham?

“I love to be able to be a part of the Wrentham community, to give back to the kids that come in and enjoy sports, and the parents as well. We created an environment that is friendly and allows parents to feel comfortable when their kids come here on half-days. It’s super fun and we’ve been doing it for a year now,” said Owner Jamie Hogan.

Why is it important to support small businesses such as yours?

“We want to give back to the little people who could easily go to a bigger place and spend that way. From a community standpoint, I coach baseball and softball, I think just giving back to those smaller people and showing them we care and support their businesses is huge,” he said.