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National Small Business Week: Town of Wrentham Celebrates Copper City Espresso

As part of National Small Business Week 2024, the Town of Wrentham is spotlighting a small business each day this week.

Today we’re highlighting Copper City Espresso located at 48 South St.!

We asked business owners:

What do you like about your business being located in Wrentham?

“The town I grew up in had an idyllic town center that I remember well with small businesses lining both sides of the main road. It was rare that you could go downtown and not bump into someone you know. Wrentham reminds me of that space where the community comes together representing the charm and character of the town. The people have been nothing but gracious. I grew up in Whitman, birthplace of the chocolate chip,” said Owner Kevin Vacca.

Why is it important to support small businesses such as yours?

“Small businesses are someone’s hopes and dreams – an expression of what they love. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and consistency of higher quality coffee. Without people who drink coffee and support local businesses, we have no way of expressing our passion. We’re grateful for everyone that walks through the door to discover what we love doing and we try our best to invest in those people, even if it is for a brief moment each day,” he said.