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Town of Wrentham Adopts New Master Plan to Shape Future Growth and Development

WRENTHAM — The Wrentham Planning Board and Board of Selectmen are pleased to announce the adoption of the Town of Wrentham’s new comprehensive master plan, which will guide future growth and development over the next 10 years.

The Master Plan is the result of a collaborative effort between the town government, local businesses and residents. It includes a vision for the town’s future, strategies to improve the quality of life, and a roadmap for implementing community-driven initiatives.

To view the completed Master Plan, click here.

Prior to the adoption of the Town of Wrentham’s new Master Plan, the plan was last updated 19 years ago. The updated 2022 plan focuses on key areas such as land use, transportation, housing, economic development and environmental protection. It considers the town’s history and character, while also looking ahead to future opportunities and challenges.

The plan provides the framework for regulations and is meant to be implemented by tools such as zoning bylaws, budget plans and capital improvement programs. 

Overall, the purpose of a Master Plan is to guide policy decisions that will shape the community’s physical, social and economic development through leadership, regulations, public investment and effective public engagement in the civic life of the town.

“The master plan ensures that our community will continue to grow in a way that encompasses the values of the Town of Wrentham and its community members,” Town Administrator Kevin Sweet said. “This plan will be a living document that guides the town over the next ten years, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all stakeholders that helped facilitate this new step forward into a future of sustainability and inclusivity.” 

Wrentham’s Master Plan was a two-year process completed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and included stakeholder involvement via several public forums and surveys.

The process was spearheaded by a Master Plan Steering Committee appointed by Town Administrator Sweet. Members of the committee included Krista Andberg, Debbie Exner, Chris Gallo, Julie Garland, John Jackson, George Labonte, Jerry McGovern, Jeffrey Plante, John Murphy, Beatrice Schembri, Steve Schwarm, Alan Selling, Everett Skinner, Jr., Rebecca Zitomer and Lauren White. Former committee members who served but did not stay on for two years include Diane Glass, Jeffrey Spratt, Laurence Johnson, Louis Allevato, Selena Zubrowski, Stephanie Duquette and Leo Immonen.

Town Administrator Sweet extends his gratitude to everyone involved in the Master Plan Steering Committee for their diligent work in finalizing the Master Plan.

The Wrentham Master Plan was made possible with funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Community Compact and MAPC’s Technical Assistance Program. District Local Technical Assistance funding was also provided by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

For more information about the Wrentham Master Plan, please contact Director of Planning & Economic Development Rachel Benson at 508-384-5440 or email

About the Town of Wrentham

Wrentham is a suburban community located 30 miles southwest of Boston, MA, and 24 miles northeast of Providence, R.I. It is known for its strong sense of community, vibrant local economy, and commitment to sustainability.