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Town of Wrentham to Implement Town Wide Upgrade to Water Metering System

WRENTHAM — Town Administrator Kevin Sweet and the Town of Wrentham are pleased to announce they will be implementing a town-wide upgrade to the town’s water metering system.

Starting in March, all water users should receive a letter in the mail outlining the program and directions for scheduling water meter replacement. This upgrade includes the installation of a new water meter and reading device at every home or business by the installation contractor, Hydro Utilities. 

The mandatory upgrade comes at no additional cost for a standard installation. 

Upon receiving the letter in March, residents are asked to schedule their meter replacement within two weeks. All tenants or renters are asked to pass the letter on to the building owner for scheduling purposes. 

For Appointments:

  • Go online to and enter the work order number and service number supplied in the letter to log in and schedule an appointment
  • Call Hydro Utilities toll-free at 1-866-983-8080 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Provide the work order number and service number supplied in the letter to schedule an appointment
  • Please do not contact the Wrentham Public Works Department directly to schedule an appointment
  • Appointments are available at set times Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Installation time is approximately 30 minutes
  • The installer must enter the home or business to complete the installation. An adult (18 years old minimum) must be present for the entire time of installation and be able to sign a form to verify the water meter change out

The area around the water meter (minimum 5-foot radius) must be accessible to the installer prior to the appointment.

For health and safety reasons, whenever possible, installers will access the water meter without passing through living spaces, i.e. by utilizing bulkheads and exterior cellar doors. 

All Hydro Utilities employees will have a photo ID badge and drive clearly marked vehicles. Do not allow any stranger into your home without a photo ID badge and clearly marked vehicle. Call Hydro Utilities to verify your appointment if you have any doubts.

“This upgrade is part of our continuing effort to improve our water service to residents,” Town Administrator Sweet said. ” Upgrades like this allow us to properly see the town’s water usage and give us more transparency when it comes to the town’s water needs.”  

The water metering system upgrade project went out to bid in August 2022. The bid was awarded to Ti-Sales of Sudbury, which has contracted Hydro Utilities to do the scheduling and replacement of the water meters.